"Candelabra tops" on ancient Western redcedar (Thuja plicata)

Ancient western redcedars (Thuja plicata) on Washington state, switching from a hierarchic organizational plan to a polyarchic organizational plan over the centuries. A radical change of development strategy, from gigantism to reiteration. The gigantic architectural unit becomes a reiterated tree. A phenomenon known as "Candelabra tops" on the pacific coast.
- Restrepo.


Western redcedar (Thuja plicata) candelabra tops, (excerpt)

Full guide:
Identifying Mature and Old Forests in Western Washington (Pelt, 2007)


Marker Trees

These "Marker Trees" Were Used by Native Americans for a Very Special Purpose (Unknown, 2015) ref. Dennis Downes, Great Lakes Trail Marker Tree Society - wimp.com

Great Lakes Trail Marker Tree Society


La forét tordue en Pologne

La forét tordue en Pologne (Millet, 2016) 

*Édité par D. S. Restrepo (images source: Web finds)



Jardins de France #653 Mars 2019. Société Nationale d’horticulture de France 

Quand l’arbre inspire et mobilise les artistes (Drénou, 2019)